Reasons Why I am still Single

Hey, Beautiful!

I have a lot of thoughts about relationships, and almost all my mind matches with that of every single girl. Girls have not that complicated actually. They are just considered to be!

Things were at the peak. We were about to get engaged but them BOOM! Things go wrong and fights changed my perspective about love. Is it my mistake?

Single from a good no. of years. AND I am Happy. My friends in relationships share their stories about their gifts, trips together, their seriousness about their partner and all the happy moments shared. I listen to them but “Hey, does anybody want to gossip about other cool stuff besides boys?”

According to human psychology, one has the urge to be in a second relationship after breaking up with one. This is a temporary phase, and sentiments hover all over the mind. Finding a partner is not a cure. So here I am listing the reasons ‘why I am single’ for the worried folks who have been through the hard times and thinks that being single is something to be cured—cured fast!

Might be some of these thoughts match up will the other strong single ladies out there. There are dozens of us.

Why I am still Single?

1. I like being Single.

Yes, it’s true. I just love myself and my life as a single person. I like being unattached. At times when I pictured myself being in a serious relationship, I got panicked ” Ahh! How can I miss things about my current life? I am just 23 years old, and this is my story” I like my independence, and I love staying up at night working on some new projects, learning new things, lying across my bed eating crackers alone and figuring out how to be a millionaire!

2. I choose the wrong Person.

Ohh yes, I did. I got influenced by words of friends who had a crush on him. And he liked me. I said yes. Things were good in starting six months. He was helping and caring. Things messed up when we come to a long distance node. He cheats, and I fight. And I ended up crying all the time. I have cried myself to sleep; I have bitched to my friends on how miserable are men these days. Mornings were dark with a thought he isn’t there with you anymore. Ahh! To be honest, I have a bad taste in men. But instead of thinking it as Big bad thing I consider it as a lesson which everyone have to learn at least once in their lifetime.

3. Timing is luck.

Recently I read an article in which the author picture the idea of “GO out! Become your best self! Let go and let God figured out the rest”.
Here is a great paragraph I loved:

“I’m here to tell you that I didn’t do anything differently than I normally did. I didn’t fundamentally change any part of myself to find a happy relationship finally: I didn’t read a slew of self-help books and start going to Soul Cycle to Getting Right. I didn’t try a new dating app or a new therapist, and I didn’t arrive at some place of spiritual enlightenment at the end of which I announced to the world, “I am ready for love,” with my arms outstretched in the air. Reader, I got lucky. That’s it. For once in my life, I got phenomenally lucky. I’m still the same old me with the same insecurities and biases and hangups, but now I’ve found someone I love very much who loves me back. My before and after photos look almost identical, except I’m not alone in the after one.

”So I am single might because of timing and luck or both. Whatever, I like being this way. Let God figured out where my poor soulmate is stuck.

4. Because it’s OK

The conclusion of all the things I mentioned up is that “IT’S ALRIGHT” Its okay if you are single. A disastrous way to approach life is being in a relation for name sake. It will not cure anything and will destroy your perspective about being in love so just MOVE ON. Find yourself because ‘You are more capable than you think you are’ Spend time on your betterment, on the things, you love and preparing yourself for the one who is meant for you. Because your soulmate is going to love you ‘The Real You’.


Now as you know, Why I am Single. And you want to join my squad. Feel free to write back  on

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