Oldies are Goldies

‘That’s life, that’s what people say.
You’re riding high in April,   7e4c79fabe6cf6c51a4fff0b2eee3146
Shot down in May.
But I know I’m gonna change that tune
When I’m back on top, back on top in June.’

Frank Sinatra – That’s Life


Dear Bee,

This is NOT the last boyfriend you’ll ever lose. By the way, speaking of ‘winning’, who gave us the right to put on lovers’ shoulders the burden of our selfish ownership? I find partnerships more profitable in terms of reaching high levels of personal growth…Just a humble thought.

Love, they come and they go until you learn how to keep alive what you grow. Let me introduce you to the ground: the only sure hand that will ever catch you. Make friends with it and learn how to walk steadily.

I know that the topic is vast and we could easily get lost in this damp forest of details, but for now I will try to light one candle which may help you a little on your way: it’s okay. It really is okay not to be perfect and not to make it right. You are only human, so allow yourself to learn from your mistakes. The most precious truth I can share with you while you are crying over spilt milk is the following: no matter the reason for which you broke up with your guy, you should always make sure that you didn’t do it only out of pride.

The Empty Chair in Front of You

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