Breakup Advice | How to deal with a breakup

One of the best feeling in the world is falling in love. But I guess, the worst thing about relationships is the breakup. Yes, “THE BREAK-UP”! And most of the girls in their life faces this problem. But hey, girl! Breakup is just the end of a relationship not the end of the world. And here are some breakup advice for you to getting over a breakup and smile & shine again.

What to do after a breakup?

1.Accept the fact and know your worth!

And no matter how hard the time is a strong woman needs to just wipe her tears and happiness will be found again.

Yes, accept it! What happened has a bright side. You know what is it? It’s gone! That was your past. And no matter how hard you try you can’t change it. There’s just one thing you can do and that is to forget it and move on. So, stop wasting your tears for the person who doesn’t value you. Go and have a look in the mirror and remind yourself how brightly your smile shines!

2. Sad? Om..nom..nom

Wise men say the best pleasure in the world is the one you feel when you see your food coming in the restaurant.

I mean, whoever said that pizza is the true love, said the ultimate truth. The thing is not about eating too much and gaining weight. It’s about having some “foodgasm” moment and enjoying. Sometimes eating alone feels so peaceful. For that particular moment just forget everything and focus on the cheesecake. So, have some (you + food) time and remind yourself how to be happy again.

3. What are Best Friends for?

Sometimes, when you share your feelings with someone, you feel so much better. So, spend as much as possible time with your best friend or your gang. You know, the people who make you smile! Share each and every detail with them, crack some silly jokes him and laugh like an idiot. I guess, this is what best friends do. They have that amazing talent to convert every serious situation into a comedy show. So, spend some beautiful moments with them. you’ll feel much more better.

4. Date Yourself!

Have you ever spend some beautiful “me-time”? Here’s the thing! Spend some quality time with yourself. Go on a date with yourself. Cook for yourself. Sing for yourself. Dance for yourself. Sit on the rooftop at 2 A.M. while listening to music with a cup of coffee in a hand and look at the stars, the moon! Watch some sunrises, go for a walk. Spend some time with your pet. In short, enjoy your company because you don’t need somebody else to make yourself happy.

5. Do Something Artistic!

To the people like me, I’ll suggest writing is the best cure. There’s this thing with the pain that too many people have lost the pain on the paper. Write about your feelings or write about how you are healing and recovering yourself. Write about how powerful, strong and beautiful you are. Or paint! Draw your prettiest fantasies. Mix some colors with your tears and create a masterpiece. You can do it.

And last but not the least, do whatever that makes you happy. Read some novels and get lost in the fantasy world. Watch your favorite movies. Go on an adventure or a trip with your friends. Spend some time with your parents, your neighbors, your cousins. Try to learn something new. Focus on your studies. There’s so much to do. They say life is too short. True! So, start living it. And always remember the best revenge is improving yourself. So, be the prettiest, smartest, happiest version of you and shine so bright like a diamond that you are!

Riddhi Panchal


Writer. Graphic designer. A true artist by heart.

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