But, I really love him !

“I know he abused me, but I really love him….I cannot live without him…”


“You love him? And, what about his love? What about the respect, man? Have you ever thought of it?”

We all went through this phase in life. Either before marriage, or after !

Now, let’s talk about the reasons that can actually lead to this situation?

Stupid Arguments…Some Other Guy….Your guy PMSing for no reason….and obviously, Future !!!!

What else can bother a man? He wants to rule you and you did wrong by arguing.

Yes, you did ! At least, that is what your love for him will say. But, do we really need to care about LOVE & FEELINGS at this point of time? Nope, girl ! Only you know what happens behind those closed doors. And, No one will fight for you.

This Knight_in_Shining_Armour fantasy is too vague to believe in.

But, I won’t deny the fact that eventually, right person will come in your life. But, to fight with your past or present (Whatever, it may be) , you need to do it alone. But, when we’re going through this, we stop thinking about ourselves. We start reading sad quotes which generally means, “Hold onto even if it hurts….” F*ck those quotes, man ! They’re only philosophical. It says nothing about the exploitation you’re facing. This abuse not only affects you emotionally but also, mentally. Emotionally, it deprives you from being a happy and content person. Because, all you wanted in life is to be with him.

And, that person blew you off.

I know, he used to care about you. I know, he used to love you. I know, he used to respect you. But now, he don’t. He never will, because he crossed that line long before. And, you let him have the opportunity to exploit you. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally.  It makes you weak. It makes you question your own talent. You build walls around you, so that no one can ever see how vulnerable you’re right now. You lose your self-confidence.

Ultimately, you’re going to let him create a totally different version of YOU.

Now, the question arises, DO THEY WORTH IT ? No, definitely not ! You need to understand that one cannot live a good life without RESPECT.  And, if that person don’t respect you, LEAVE HIM RIGHT AWAY. Don’t degrade your standards. You deserve much better, trust me ! And don’t forget, this world is not short of GUYS. 😀 You just need to take and give chances. Not every guy is dog, some are men too. 😀 So, please don’t ignore the friend zoned.

Now, let’s talk about how to do it? 

Stop listening sad songs. Stop reading love stories and sad quotes. Even if you feel an emotional breakdown, start dancing on those peppy numbers. Dance until dawn. 🙂


Start pretending as if it don’t hurts. I know it sounds crazy. But, it helps a lot. Don’t let a thought of him come inside your brain. Even then if it comes, replace it with some happy thought. Or, you can replace it with what you want to become in future and then, direct all your energy to achieve it. Just think about that goal. Day-dream about it. You will notice the difference. And one day, you’ll live your dream. I know you will. 🙂

P.S.- Don’t even think of giving him a chance. He don’t deserve it.

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  1. Now after reading this article i love you kratika … Such a true fact every girl face this phase in her life and after this point(break up) some are literally thinks like that (i still love him he is my everything) bullshit