A Simple Girl, eh ?


I know, it is not easy to be a simple girl. Because, our society has specified us a to-do and a not-to-do list. This list includes from the way we talk to the way we walk. But, do we need to follow a set of rules and regulations to please everyone around us ? No way, girls ! We’re not robots. But, we live in a society which forces us to do things their way. As they say, we should’ve one of these two qualities. Either, we should be good-looking (You know, with all those naak-naksh) or we should be a good home maker (You know, good at doing stuffs like making food, ironing clothes etc) Now, why only these two qualities? Obviously, these two qualities will keep others happy. And, they don’t care about our happiness. But, What about our career? What about our own individuality? And the biggest question, What about our Dreams ? I don’t blame our society for this identity crisis.

We girls are naive.

We waste our life just to get appreciation from someone who actually never mattered and will never matter. Let me give you an example, We click a thousand selfies, just to get a good one. (FINALLLY!!!) Then we put all our talent, just to make it as artificial as it can be. Our beautiful photo, now just look like a dolled one with hilarious filters and pro_make up apps.  And, we post it right away on those useless Social Networking sites. Girls, Do we really need to post our good_for_nothing selfie just to boost our confidence? And that too, for a single click (LIKE, Baby !!!)  from a random person. Do we need to make silly faces in front of a bloody device? Guys, We don’t need a ‘LIKE’ or a ‘GUY’ to validate our existence. Well, I added this ‘GUY‘ thing because I know, what girls went through in a bad relationship. And, It actually hurts. But guess what, these problems makes us strong. We actually forget to look on the brighter side of the coin. We generally indulge ourselves in those things which makes us even more sad. I think, that’s where we go wrong. We need to accept the situation. We can go alone, peeps. And remember,  no matter what you do, right people will come in your life at the right time. Not before that ! So, just stop waiting for the right person. Go with the flow. Enjoy life. Try new things. Gain Experiences. Live happy. We’re lot more than what we think. We just need to bring our walls down. We all have an individuality. We all are good at something or other. We just need to find that thing. And put all our energy to become who we actually are. (Subconsciously, though !)

And, Remember what Diana Vreeland rightly said, “You don’t have to be born beautiful to be wildly attractive.”

  1. Amazing i wish every girl can think like that …. This is all so true .. We dont need to prove ourselves beautiful in front of others we are beautiful … Beauty in our hearts …